Looking up the Alberni Valley
Sandy McRuer

About the Blog

These blogs are going to be a continuation of my Pacific Rim Active column in the Alberni Valley Times. Susie Quinn tells me it was popular. I’m grateful for that. And for her encouragement. The blog will allow me to cover a broader range of topics besides the outdoors and nature.

So, in addition I want to explore the concept of a sustainable community what that means for the Alberni Valley and the people than live in it, or on it. How can we get ready for the future.

About Me, Sandy McRuer

Sustainability and resilience are two important words for Sandy McRuer.

Sandy’s background includes coming of age in eastern Canada, specifically southeastern Ontario and then studying in 3 universities before graduating with a forestry Degree in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He arrived on Vancouver Island in 1980. His career was mostly with the Provincial Government specializing in Silviculture, the establishment and tending of trees. Later he spent time in the Small Business Program, forest inventory, and had a brush with fire and protection branches. In the course of this he worked with, and learned from, other professionals such as fish biologists, geoscientists, wildlife biologists and archaeologists. Lots of time was spent in the field all over Vancouver Island, and the island to the north of it. Toward the end he consulted for a while and then started a small tour company called Rainbird Excursions, that offered exclusive tours to exquisite out-of-the-way locations, and told lots of stories.